Cardiovascular Certification Exams

Be prepared for your upcoming cardiovascular certification exams with the resources from American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine, Inc. We provide help for individuals seeking cardiology certifications throughout the country. Reach out to us for more on our basic ECG course and additional resources.

EKG Certification

At the American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine, we make it convenient to become certified in the areas you need for a career in cardiology. We understand you have a busy schedule and need time to study and prepare for the exams, so we offer online courses to help those who need a little refreshing. If your certification is going to expire in a couple of months we will help you through the re-certification process, for your convenience.

From an EKG certification to a cardiovascular technician certification and everything in between, you can look to us for all your cardiology certification needs. We even have nurse practitioner specialty certifications for individuals wanting to advance their career and expand their knowledge. These are just a few of the certifications we offer.

Our organization caters to cardiology physicians, nurses, technicians, EMTs, and physician assistants. We are proud to help those who help others. If you have any questions regarding which certification exam is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us at (877) 733-2713 today.

1. Cardiovascular Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, & Physician Assistant Board Certification Exams

Available Online & at All Live Events

a. CVRN-BC Level I – Non-Acute Care “Cardiovascular Nursing Exams” for Telemetry, PCU, Post Procedure, Cardiac Rehab, and office-based staff. This exam provides the foundations that build on higher levels of practice and is a great exam for all Cardiac Nurses at any level of practice. Nurses that work in more acute settings may bypass the CVRN-BC Level I Exam and go straight to the CVRN-BC Level II Exam. Nurses who already hold their CVRN-BC Level I are being offered a large discount to take the Level II Exam.

b. CVRN-BC Level II – Acute Care Cardiovascular Nursing Exams for CCU, CVICU, Interventional, & Cath Lab Nursing, Transplant Units, Heart Failure Clinics. In general, all acute care Cardiac Nurses.

c. CVRN-BC Level III – Cardiovascular Nursing Certification Awards for Interventional and Cath Lab Nursing Staff (Must Obtain Level II or above & an RCIS License to Obtain this Level). Email for information at

d. CVNP-BC or CVPA-BC Level IV – Cardiac Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants

e. CVNE-BC Level V – Cardiovascular Nursing Educators (Coming Soon)

2. ECG Board Certification Exams

Available Online & at All Live Events

a. Advanced ECG – Physicians, Physician Assistants, & Nurse Practitioners

b. 12-Lead ECG – All Cardiology Care Givers

c. Basic ECG – Telemetry, PCU, Post Procedure, Cardiac Rehab, & Office-Based Cardiac Nursing Staff, Cardiac Monitor Technicians, CV, & ECG Techs

Re-Certification Information

1. How to Re-Certify
2. How Often
3. How Many CEs Are Required
4. Associated Cost

Contact us to use our resources for your upcoming certification exams. We assist cardiology professionals nationwide.