Validate a Professional Credential

With the resources from American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine, Inc, you will have the help you need for your upcoming exams. We are also able to validate a professional credential for organizations nationwide.

How to Validate the Credential of a Board Certified Professional
In order for us to complete the validation process you will need to do the following:

  1. Make your payment online with a credit card (the fee is $20 per person).
  2. Be sure to state the person’s name that you are paying for in the “Note to Seller” section while you are making your payment with PayPal.
  3. Fill out the form below and do not leave any sections unanswered or the validation process cannot be completed.
  4. Once we have the payment and the form filled out, we will send an email with the information requested.
  5. How to know if a person is certified with the ABCM: The certification number will contain the month, day, and year of the original certification date followed by the person’s last name and then first name initials. If the person you are seeking to validate does not have a number like this, they are probably not certified through the ABCM. Before making a payment to validate a professional credential, try to get the person to give you their number so prevent you from paying for a service that is unnecessary, since there is no refund given out once we start the validation process. It is not uncommon for a nurse to not remember who certified them and give out the wrong organization which leads you to us instead of their certifying body.

For an Application for Validation of an ABCM Board Certified Cardiac Professional, contact us for more information.
A separate form must be made for each person with whom you are seeking to validate (no exceptions).

Contact us to validate professional credentials for your applications. We offer validation services nationwide.