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Sign up for online cardiology courses with help from American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine, Inc. We have developed a number of varying-level courses for techs, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians.

Our Courses

  1. Basic ECG Essentials Course (9 Lessons)
  2. 12-Lead ECG Course (13 Lessons)
  3. Advanced ECG Course (42 Case Studies)
  4. Cardiovascular Nursing Course (9 Lessons)

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Advanced ECG Course

Who is Eligible?
Anyone working in the medical field wanting to learn the ECG criteria needed to make a host of advanced arrhythmias and 12-Lead diagnoses.

Requirements to Access the Online Course

Before purchasing the course, our course registration application must be submitted and approved. After the approval is received, we send out confirmation of approval with instructions. Please do not purchase and start the course before being approved.

Pre-Requisite: Basic ECG & 12-Lead ECG & Arrhythmia knowledge

Who Should Take this Course?
Advanced Cardiac Nurses
Nurse Practitioners
Physician Assistants
Physicians Reading on Hospital ECG Panels

Content Outline & CEs Awarded

The Advanced ECG Course contains 2 parts. Part I consists of 42 case studies covering 42 diagnoses (click here to view sample case) in a quiz type fashion whereby the learner attempts their hand at the diagnosis and then learns from the next frame the diagnostic criteria needed to make the diagnosis. Part II consists of a practice Advanced ECG Board Certification Exam. You must purchase both parts of the Course, they are not sold separately. You can purchase the Course by going to

How Long Do I Have Access to the Online Course after I Purchase It?

Once you sign up for the Course you will be given 6 months to complete the Course which gives you plenty of time to complete both parts. CE credits are available for the study of the Advanced ECG Course. The question answer format will assist you in preparing for your Advanced ECG-BC Board Certification Exam.

Course Fees: $149.95

How to Obtain a Hard Copy of the Course Manual When Purchasing the Course

Some customers have requested a copy of the Course manual along with the online Course, so they can use it for further study and/or, so they can highlight items they wish to remember. To accommodate this request, we are offering to sell the manual as a companion to the Course. The manual is only available to those who have purchased the online Course.

The cost for the Course manual is $69.95 plus $12.00 for shipping for a total of $81.95 plus the cost of the online Course which is $149.95 for a grand total of $231.90 for both products. To purchase the manual after purchasing the Course. Please note there are no refunds for purchase of the Course or manual once it has been accessed or delivered; if you are not sure of your purchase, please email or call to inquire in more detail about your potential purchase.

Course Refund Policy

Once the purchase for the Course has been made and accessed online, there are no refunds available.

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