12-Lead ECG Board Certification Exam

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Cost & How to Take the Exam Online or at a Live Event

Take Online: $169.95
If you want to take the 12-Lead ECG-BC Exam Online you will be able to take it any time of day or night and any day of the week, including holidays. To get started log into https://accn.configio.com and click on the category entitled 12-Lead ECG Course. The Exam will be found in the list of items on this page.

Take at a Live Event: $135 for Members or $150 for Non-Members

If you are attending a live conference, and have joined one of our Cardiac Network Memberships, you will be able to take it for a reduced rate of $135. All non-Members will pay $150 at Live Events.

Hospital Group Seats Available

Group Seats: 10, 20, 30 MD, PA, NP, RN, & ECG Tech
Contact us at needinfo@abcmcertification.com for Group Rates

Hospitals may pay up front for bulk seats for the online exam service and the examinees of your choice will receive coupon codes to give take their exam after we receive their individual applications. There is no time limit to take the exams online after the bulk seats are purchased. If a nurse fails the exam, he or she may take it a second time for a small proctor fee of $50 that will be paid directly to ABCM, who will then provide the examinee a second coupon to re-enter the exam.


Knowledge is the Key Requirement
We do not recommend this exam for monitor technicians or telemetry nurses. It was developed for Acute care cardiac nurses, nurse practitioners, ECG Technicians, and Physicians who record and/or read ECGs in their practice. Success depends on how well one has applied themselves to studying and reading 12-lead ECGs diagnoses.

Prep Course Available Online

We offer an online 12-Lead ECG Prep Course for this Exam. The Course consists of covers 13 different modules, 12 of which are in quiz type fashion, with the rationale given for each diagnosis. The Course also offers practice questions at the end of each module to help prepare for the actual Exam. To purchase the Course or Exam visit https://accn.configio.com

Live Events

We can host a live event for Hospitals by contract only. Contact us for details at needinfo@abcmcertification.com.

Application for Exam

Online Examinees
Fill out the exam application found at the bottom of this page and submit before going to https://accn.configio.com to register for the exam.
You will also be asked to fill out a brief application once you go to our LMS provider where the Exam is hosted: https://accn.configio.com

How to Access the Exam after Purchasing It

We partner with a third-party proctoring company for your exam. Even though you have already created a log-in, once you click on the link below, the third-party proctor will ask you to create a log-in on their site, so please don’t confuse this request with what you have already done. Just follow the directions and create a new log-in for the proctor and you should be all set. Thank you and good luck with your exam. Please sign up with your proctor with the web address below:

Taking the Exam at Live Events

Fill out the exam application found at the bottom of this page and submit it at least two weeks before you arrive at the exam site. If you are even considering taking the exam at a live event, but not sure, please fill out the application anyway so that there will be no delays at the course site.

Exam Information

This is the only 12-Lead ECG Board Certification Exam in the market.
Number of Questions: 35 (Must score 75% to Pass)
There is a mixture of 35 questions consisting of diagnostic criteria questions and ECGs to analyze in the Online and Live Exam, in multiple choice type questions.

How to Prepare

Once you have signed up and paid for the exam, you will receive a study list for the exam. There are any number of reference books in electrocardiography to choose from. We offer Marriott’s ECG Board Review Manual for sale to help you prepare for the Exam, and we offer an Online Course to assist you in passing the exam. Marriott’s ECG Board Review Manual can be purchased in our Resource Center listed under “More” in the menu panel above.

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