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Supplement your training and certification by reading the newest cardiology reference books. American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine, Inc is here to advise you on your book options.

ECG Books Available

Basic to Advanced Electrocardiography Reference Books Developed by the ABCM/ACCN/SCM:

  1. Marriott’s Manual of Electrocardiography for Physicians reading on Hospital Panels, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Cardiology Fellows preparing for their Board Exams
  2. Basic ECG Essentials for Cardiac Monitor Technicians and Telemetry Nurses

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If you want to really learn Electrocardiography from the master, then read this:
Dr. Henry J. L. Marriott published Practical Electrocardiography through eight editions before retiring the book to Dr. Galen Wagner, of Duke University Medical Center for its 9th and subsequent editions. Though Dr. Wagner did a good job of making it his book, it ceased to have the eloquent and easy writing style that was classic of Dr. Marriott’s works.

Therefore, we still highly recommend you do frequent online search to try and get a copy of the 8th edition of Practical Electrocardiography, since little has changed in ECG interpretation since his last outstanding edition. Every now and then someone lets them go for whatever reason and you will be the better if you can get your hands on one. They may range from $2.50 to $190.00, depending on the seller. Happy hunting and reading. Dr. Marriott was a genius when it came to the electrocardiogram and you will surely enjoy his eloquent writing style.

Recommended Resources for Cardiovascular Nurses & Nurse Practitioner Exams

There are many references at and we have selected three that look useful for study. We do not endorse any of these references, and do not have any interest in them, we have simply added them to our site for your consideration.

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